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Top Business Lawyer Houston

Top Business Lawyer Houston

Got a business idea but didn’t know about the legal requirements of the field? We are here to support you.

Right from the start, establishing a new business and protecting the existing one can be complex and Stressful with many issues. However, professional help will always reduce stress.

We have created the list of the best business lawyer Houston, Texas: 

  1. Holmes Law, PLLC:

The renowned business law firm founded by Thomas J. Holmes III, headquartered in Houston, provides you with consultation in real estate law, oil and gas law. The Holmes law firm will help you in dealing with legal advice to establish a business. They can work with startups and well-established corporate houses. 

  1. Richard D. Weaver :

He is one of the most lucrative lawyers of weavers law firm. He is certified and experienced in real estate law and complex business disputes. He has been successful in dealing with diverse and complex cases. He also deals in personal injury, housing, and construction cases. 

  1. Pete Petterson :

He is a successful business lawyer and partner in Petterson p.c. in Houston, Texas. The Double certified lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in business law. He is efficient in business-related disputes. He helps your business in fulfilling all legal formalities. 

  1. Vethan Law Firm :

 Houston is the hub of Cultural diversity, brings a lot of challenges and opportunities. Vethan law firm will help you get through all. They are a reputed business Lawyer, Houston. They specialize in structuring company agreements and contracts, shareholder agreements, protecting valuable trade secrets, and more. They also deal with copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. 

  1. Hendershot Cowart :

They are one of the oldest firms in Houston. They assist you in Business Formation, Business Transactions, IP and trade secret protection, Business litigation, Administrative law, and more. They cater to all your needs to protect your business legally. 

  1. Alan P. Baden

He is a Recognised Corporate Law Securities and Capital Markets Law attorney in Thompson & Knight LLP. He has successfully represented complex cases with 40 years of experience in the energy industry. He deals with all kinds of business establishments. 

These are Some of the best business lawyer Houston that will help you overcome your business-related issues and disputes. You can contact them whenever you need help with your business. They will serve you with the best outcome.